We are the creative minds behind brands that shine. We exist to help you achieve the highest potential of your brand and achieve sustainable business success.


About Paraminds

Paraminds is a strategic and creative agency that has been shaping brilliant brands since 2003. Headquartered in the Kingdom of Bahrain, Paraminds is the brainchild of Mohammed Al Khalifa, a passionate and creative strategist with a proven track record crafting distinctive brands that support sustainable business success. At Paraminds we are driven by real business results. Our team of creative designers, marketers, and business strategists, collaborate closely with clients to formulate synergistic branding strategies that work to achieve your organizational goals. We help translate your strategic vision into a reality by ensuring perfect synergy between company branding, advertising and marketing and business objectives, in order to build resilient brands that stand out in today’s competitive business landscape. Paraminds -we shape brands that shine.

Mission, Vision & Values


We work closely with our clients’ to fully understand their vision, and leverage the full spectrum of our team’s creative and strategic expertise to transform these into a reality.


We think differently. We inspire, innovate and create!

Forward Thinking

Logic, as well as creativity, is vital. Every move is carefully planned, and a strategy is formulated before our artists touch the canvas.



Our business activities, as well as the way we treat our clients and customers, is strongly guided by a moral compass that is embedded with the highest standard of business ethics.

To be the region’s preferred strategic and creative partner; building brilliant brands that support sustainable business success.



It is the mission of Paraminds to support our clients’ business success by translating their vision into brilliant; beautiful brands that inspire audiences to act. We develop and nurture long-term partnerships with our clients in order to support clients in the ongoing journey of their brand story. We offer an environment where employees can explore their full potential, and encourage a corporate culture where teamwork and integrity are highly valued.

Our Philosophy

Design Excellence & Effectiveness

We deeply believe in what we do and our passion is evident in the carefully crafted work we create. We strive to create the best visual expression of our clients’ brand that speaks directly to their target audience. Our work influences decision-making, inspires action, and turns more prospects into revenue.  Through a fusion of strategic thinking and leaps of imagination we achieve design excellence – fuelled by our desire to deliver only the very best.

Listen, Question & Challenge

Before unleashing our imagination we pay very close attention to what the client has to say. We carefully consider the organisation’s opportunities and challenges, and assess the current brand’s relationship with the consumer. We then design a solution that addresses the challenges, maximises the opportunities, and provides solutions that will deliver results now and in the future.

Brand Partnership

We are our clients’ creative and strategic partners in sustainable business success. We share a common goal  -brand success – and as such, we work very closely with our clients to achieve it.

Trends, Innovation & Inspiration

Human evolution is based on learning from mistakes and consolidating on success. At Paraminds we encourage a culture of continuous learning, adaptation, innovation and change. We learn from each other, we teach others, we inspire, and we are inspired ourselves.

The Paraminds Process


The very first step in our process involves questioning everything. We listen to the client, study the market, learn about the competition, and benchmark against the category-best and best practices relevant to the project.


Once all requirements, raw data and materials are gathered, we engage the client in a thorough discussion of the project. This usually takes place in the form of a workshop where an exchange of ideas and an exploration of possibilities takes place.


At this stage in the process we present our strategic approach to the client, and define the boundaries and requirements of the creative.


This is when the magic happens. We translate the branding strategy into a visual representation of the brand, and demonstrate how the brand will be brought to life through various applications.


Once the brand foundation is agreed we commence the implementation stage of the project. The brand will be translated visually on all the communication tools required and the design files will be finalised.


Attention to detail is of the utmost importance at this stage. Our trusted network of local and international suppliers work with us to ensure that the end result exceeds  expectation; showcasing a brilliant brand that truly shines!



Strategic Branding & Rebranding


Brand Architecture

Brand Identity Design

Environment Branding

Brand Guidelines Development


Advertising Strategy

Campaign Planning & Budgeting

Creative Concept Development

Media Relations

Media Buying

Media Monitoring & Evaluation


Graphic Design


Packaging & Labeling

Design Implementation


Web Design & Development

Application Design & Development

Social Media Management

Digital Marketing (SEO, SEM, PPC)

Digital Publishing

Production Management

Print Management

Promotional Giveaways

Custom/Luxury Gift Items